Adorable dog spends lockdown learning how to skateboard

darrel the skateboarding dog
It’s a great aesthetic (Picture: Hailey Adair / SWNS)

One adventurous canine is not only a good boy, he’s also a skater boi.

The dog, from Washington, USA, has learned how to skateboard in lockdown. Darrel – who is a mix of pitbull, Border Collie and Australian shepherd – now skateboards for 20 minutes, five days a week.

His brilliant technique involves pushing himself along with his hind paw.

Darrel’s owner, 29-year-old Hailey Adair, introduced her four-legged friend to skateboarding, as she hoped it would make quarantine more interesting for them both.
darrel wearing sunglasses
He loves his board (Picture: Hailey Adair / SWNS)
Hailey said: ‘We got a little skateboard at first and right away he was on it and totally comfortable.

‘We could tell that he was ready for a regular skateboard. It is a great bonding time for us.

‘It’s super mentally stimulating for him and it helps him balance. It has helped me too.

‘I was finding it difficult to take a break from work but for 30 minutes a day I get to see him skateboard.

‘It’s super entertaining for him and it’s been a really good exercise for all of us.’

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darrel on the board
Darrel in action (Picture: Hailey Adair / SWNS)
darrel with his owner
He’s a sweetie (Picture: Hailey Adair / SWNS)
Now, whenever Darrel sees a skateboard he runs over and jumps on it.

The adorable pooch is currently working on steering the board but is already a pro at turning it around himself – he also gets excited when he sees other skateboarders in the street.

Hailey and her husband Nick hope to eventually take Darrel to the skateboarding park.

She adds: ‘We are trying to get him to the point where he can go to a skatepark. We are working on his hills.

‘We want him to be able to go and see other people doing it.’

darrel wearing sunglasses
Great shades Darrel (Picture: Hailey Adair / SWNS)
darrel on the skateboard
He loves taking to his board (Picture: Hailey Adair / SWNS)
Hailey has made an Instagram account – @darrelthedoge – to show off Darrel’s skills.

She hopes his skateboarding adventures will be a lighthearted escape for people during the coronavirus pandemic.

Hailey said: ‘We are just trying to bring happiness to people right now in a time that’s really uncertain.’

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