Adorable dog reported missing is found hiding under elderly owner’s chair

A King Cavalier Charles Spaniel
The pup had been stuck under a recliner for two days (Picture: Derbyshire Police)

The thought of a beloved pet getting lost is horrible – but thankfully, sometimes, they are found again.

Recently, an elderly woman called the police ‘in a very distressed state’ because she couldn’t find her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The cute pooch, named Toby, had been missing for two days, and the 93-year-old dog owner was beside herself.

Her family and friends had been out looking for the pet, but with no luck.

PC Tammy Wood from the Safer Neighbourhood team, went to investigate the matter, stopping by the woman’s home to offer her services and make sure that she was okay.
While at the property in Matlock, Derbyshire, fate struck as the elderly woman, who has not been named, dropped something on the floor.

The officer bent down to pick the item up for her, and as she did so, spotted the tiny dog hiding under a chair.

Toby was lying under the woman’s recliner, where he had quietly remained stuck for two days.

Carefully, the officer released the pup, who wasn’t too worse for wear, but simply appeared to be ‘well, just hungry and thirsty’.

But he was thrilled to be back with his favourite human.

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PC Wood said: “Both Toby and his owner appeared to be over the moon to be reunited, and it was clearly a huge relief for the woman.

“Her family, friends and neighbours had all been out looking for Toby but she was becoming ever more distressed as time went on believing he had managed to get out, and fearing the worst.

“Our pets are companions and become members of the family.

“I’m just very pleased that we were able to put the woman’s mind at rest and make sure her dog was safe.”

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