Adorable 30-day-old kitten left to die by horrific owner after being doused in glue

A ONE-MONTH-OLD kitten left to die after being doused in glue by its horrific owner has been rescued by a local vet and given a fighting chance of survival.

The 30-day-old cat weighing just 200 grammes was found abandoned on the streets of Chile by a heroic animal welfare practitioner. The cute feline nicknamed ‘Palomita’ (Little Pigeon) was discovered in traumatic circumstances with its legs stuck together and feathers all over its body, in the Chilean capital Santiago. The starving kitten was found in a life-threatening condition and suffering from dehydration, hypothermia and hypoglycemia.

Stomach-churning images show the poor kittens’ fur torn to shreds after being covered in the sticky substance from head-to-tail.

Further horrific images show its once snow-white fur blackened after collecting dirt from the streets.

‘Palomita’ is being cared for by qualified veterinary doctor Daniella Herrera who said she is recovering “step by step”.


A one-month-old kitten was found doused in glue by a local vet (Image: CEN/Instagram/dranane)Following a series of examinations and blood test Ms Herrera also found the kitten had suffered a kidney failure.

The local vet has been giving regularly updates on the welfare of the feline on her Instagram page.

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Ms Herrera has described how she has attempted to treat the cute kitten by bathing her and cutting out the damaged fur.

She revealed the struggle involved and said even the use of vaseline did not help ease or removed the substance.


‘Palomita’ was found covered in glue from head-to-tail (Image: CEN/Instagram/dranane)

On her social media feed Ms Herrera said such was the severity on the kitten’s injuries it took two days to ease the glue from its legs so they could move again.

She added:” We have to keep bathing her so her skin does not get too irritated.

“She only weighs 200 grammes so we do not want to poison her.”

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The kitten was treated with talcum powder (Image: CEN/Instagram/dranane)

By day three through a series of baths and being doused in talcum powder, most of the glue had been removed from the kitten’s fur and it has began to build up its strength by eating once more.

In her latest Instagram updates Ms Herrera shared two adorable videos of ‘Palomita’ looking healthy and almost back to full-fitness.

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A adorable image of ‘Palomita’ beginning to eat has been shared on Instagram (Image: CEN/Instagram/dranane)

The first video shows the cute kitten back standing on all fours and tentatively dipping its clean pour into a bowl of water.

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In the second piece of footage ‘Palomita’ can be seen beginning to eat a full meal as the road to recovery nears its end.

Ms Herrera shared the post with the caption: “Yum yum every day I’ll get stronger.”