A tiny puppy has been born with green fur in Sardinia

pistachio the puppy born with green fur
Pistachio was the only one born green (Picture: REUTERS)
Meet Pistachio – an adorable puppy who was born with green fur. The little fella was born to Italian farmer Cristian Mallocci who couldn’t quite believe his eyes when one of his eight dogs gave birth to the greenish-hued pup. Mother dog Spelacchia welcomed a litter of five puppies on 9 October, one of which had a very unique colouring. The rest of the brood were born with all-white fur – the same colour as their mixed breed mother.

The puppy’s unique appearance resulted in him being named Pistachio – after his lovely green tinge.

Pistachio next to his sibling
Compared to his sibling (Picture: REUTERS)
close up of pistachio
Look at him (Picture: REUTERS)

It’s incredibly rare for a dog to be born with green-coloured fur and it’s thought to happen when light-coloured puppies come into contact with a green pigment called biliverd in their mother’s womb. This is the same pigment which causes the green colour on bruises on the skin.

However, it seems Pistachio’s colouring will not last forever. In fact, it’s already starting to fade (compared to the colour it was on the day of his birth) and will continue to do so as he gets older.

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comparison of pistachio next to the rest of the litter
The rest of the litter were born white (Picture: REUTERS)
close up of pistachio
Hiya (Picture: REUTERS)
The rest of Pistachio’s litter will be given away to new homes, but owner Cristian will keep the unique pup and train him up to work on the farm he owns with his brother-in-law Giannangelo Liperi, on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia. Pistachio will learn to look after the farm’s sheep with his mother Spelacchia – which is Italian for ‘mangy.’
pistachio and the litter sleeping
Snoozing (Picture: REUTERS)
Cristian says that green is a symbol for hope and luck – something we all could do with a little more of during the coronavirus pandemic. He hopes Pistachio’s story will put a smile on people’s faces.
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