A scandalous lack of research on periods and painful conditions that affect women

Lucy Pasha-Robinson’s horrible predicament brought tears to my eyes (I’m one of the 28m in Britain who live with chronic pain – where is the plan to help us?, 16 May ). It remains a scandal that endometriosis, fibroids, ovarian cysts and premenstrual pain could affect half the world’s population, yet no medical facility on the planet makes menstruation a study in its own right. Only by doing this is there any chance of knowing exactly why these debilitating conditions occur and what can be done about them as early as possible. Otherwise, as Lucy found, it is a gruelling path.Wendy JamesCambridge The great cartoon attributed to Jacky Fleming (Letters, 17 May ) was in fact the work of Riana Duncan and appeared in Punch in 1988. The wording (even better than that quoted) runs: “That’s an excellent suggestion, Miss Triggs. Perhaps one of the men here would like to make it.”Rupert BesleyNewport, Isle of Wight Why did the Queen get given an Oyster card (Queen makes surprise appearance at Elizabeth line opening ceremony, 17 May )? I would have thought that nobody would be more qualified for a Freedom Pass than an OAP on a line that’s named after her. Or is Crossrail trying to claw back a bit of that cost overrun?Charles HarrisLondon

laidback pet breeds

It was interesting to see the photograph in your print edition captioned “Hound of the Serpentine” (18 May). There are big notices around the lake stating that, to protect the wildlife, dogs must be kept on leads and must not be allowed in the lake. Adrianne LeManLondon