A mazing and Weirdest Ways Your Dog Says i love you

There is a large body of scientific evidence to support that dogs like their people. Every dog owner knows that’s true. Puppy love is the real deal. Our dogs prove it to us everyday with these 8 ways of fur ball to say, “I love you.”

1.Puppy Kisses
Ways Your Dog Says “I Love You”
One of the most obvious ways our puppies show they care is to lick our face, hands and feet. The American Kennel Club says that dogs lick us for a variety of reasons.

including enjoying the taste of our skin and because they often get positive reinforcement to do it.

Dog lovers everywhere know that the real reason they do is to show us love.

Like the puppies, they received a ton of that kind of attention from their mothers. Mama dogs lick their puppies primarily as a way to keep them clean, but a lot of love and devotion is communicated through this grooming process.

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It makes sense that dogs imitate this behavior with their owners who take such affectionate care from them.