A free pop-up corgi photo studio is coming to London for the Jubilee

person posing with corgi on a sofa and a corgi posing with a cocktail
Cosy up (Picture: Lucy Young)

Interact with cute dogs without spending a penny.

Soon corgis will be everywhere as we near the Jubilee weekend, in celebration of the Queen. Her Majesty herself has owned corgis since she was 18 and refers to them as being part of the ‘family’. Now an interactive experience celebrating this idea is coming to London ’s Leadenhall Market. Royalists and dog fans can pose for pictures with real corgis in a pop-up photo studio.

As well as a corgi, the booth will come with royal-themed costume pieces – such as tiaras – so you can dress up and feel as regal as the dogs taking part.

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This will be set to a quintessentially British backdrop, including a cosy and plush floral sofa to sit on next to your furry friend. There’s no need to book and it’s free for anyone to do on June 1, 12-6pm in the Victorian food and drink market.
person posing with corgi on a sofa
Leadenhall Market has plenty of Jubilee plans, like the Corgi Cam pop-up (Picture: Lucy Young)
As well as the ‘Corgi Cam’ pop-up, Leadenhall Market will also host walking tours to educate Londoners on the market’s link to the monarchy – which goes back to the 12th century.

The market’s alleyways lined by restaurants, shops and bars will get the Jubilee update too, with a royal purple colour scheme and flowers.

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Royalists will be able to make a day of it, with fun photo opportunities and good social spots.

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