A dog 'drove' in circles for over an hour — see the video

Every dog loves a road trip — but this Florida pup may have gotten the ride of a lifetime on Thursday morning.The dog, who was identified as Max in a press statement shared by the Port St. Lucie Police Department, was riding with his owner on Nov. 21. The owner, who was not named in the statement, made a wrong turn onto Southeast Edith Court. Upon realizing his mistake, he stopped the car and stepped out, leaving the black Labrador inside for a moment.

Max accidentally hit the gear stick into reverse, locking the owner out of the car and causing the vehicle to circle the cul-de-sac for nearly an hour.

A dog went on an hour-long joyride — and it was captured on video

"I laughed. I thought they should give that dog a license to drive," said resident Anna Sabol to NBC affiliate WPTV. "He was a better driver than a lot of them I've seen."Sabol became aware of the situation when several police officers arrived on the scene just after 8 a.m.

Police first tried to use a spare key fob to unlock the car door, only to find that the battery had died. Eventually, police gained access to the vehicle by inputting an entry code onto a keypad located on the driver's side door.

"I saw the dog jump out of the car, wagging his tail," Sabol said. "I was like, 'OK, good driving!'"

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She added, "He went around for about an hour without hitting anything at all."

That is, until the vehicle struck a mailbox and trash can, causing the car itself to sustain minor damage. But no injuries were reported.

"Max was fine, healthy, and happy!" confirmed the press release.