A cat shaver is terrorising pets and their owners

A spate of cat shavings has been reported in Virginia, US.Source:Supplied

FILE this under a feline fiasco.

Police in Virginia, US, are investigating reports of someone abducting cats and shaving their underbellies or legs.

The Waynesboro Police Department said since December at least seven cats have been taken and shaved, but all were returned home otherwise unharmed.

A string of cat shavings have been reported in Virginia, US.

A string of cat shavings have been reported in Virginia, US.Source:istock

Police Capt. Kelly Walker said Friday that all of the cats were well-groomed, had collars and clearly had owners. He said police are not sure what crime has been committed, but the pet owners “would just like it to stop.”

Police initially believed proactive citizens may have been taking the cats to be spayed or neutered,according to WVIR, but later dismissed those suspicions when the same felines were victims of multiple instances of unwanted grooming.

Flyers posted around the Waynesboro area urge residents to call the police with any information about the rogue barbering.