8 tips to make your dog happy

Dogs are loyal; they care and love you without a pinch of selfishness or asking much in return. And who doesn’t like a happy dog running around the house, licking your face, expressing love and most importantly bringing a smile on your face? So here are 8 ways you can make your dog happy, and a happy dog corresponds to a happy you!
1. Treat him with toys

Just like kids, dogs also love new toys. They seldom get bored with the same toys so if you don't have enough toys for him, buy some; and if you do have enough toys to maintain the toy cycle, in spite of taking out all at once, try rotating those toys. This will keep their boredom away and your dog happy!

2. Take him for a walk

Who doesn't love walks? Imagine yourself going on a walk with your loved one in a lovely weather. Amazing, isn't it? So why not treat your dog with these walks as well? Just like you would not want to get stuck up in a house all day long, dogs don't like it either. So take out some time for your dog, let him meet new people and witness new experiences waiting outside the doorstep for him.

3. Train him

Dogs are fantastic learners. Even if your dog is old enough or not that obedient to you already, you can easily make your way out. After all, they are amazing at grasping new tricks. Training him is an amazing way to spend time with your dog and create a bond. And if you have no idea where to begin from, contact a Certified pet trainer, he’ll help you out.

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4. Give him a bath

Not every dog likes taking a bath but regular baths can help him feel fresh and keep those allergens away. Depending on your dog's breed, bathing him twice or thrice a month is an ideal time interval to make your dog befriend water. After all, who wouldn't like a cleaner and healthier dog to play with?

5. Let him socialize

Dogs are social-fellows. Meeting new people and their dogs can help boost your dog’s morale. Keeping him just at home can be inimical to your dog's personality. Also, if he is amongst the introvert lot, don't introduce new people all at once. Introducing him to new people one at a time, will keep your dog calm and aboard. Keep your dog's personality into consideration.

6. Feed him a nourishing diet

A healthy diet implies a healthy dog. When deciding what to feed your pooch, consider your dog's age and energy level without fail to maintain your dog’s healthy weight. You can consider veterinarians foods like oatmeal, green beans, peanut butter or pumpkin to bring a change in your dog's food routine.

7. Take him to the vet at regular intervals

No matter how well you know your dog, a vet definitely knows him better. What to feed, how much should he weigh and vaccinations your dog need; a vet can be a one-stop solution to all these questions and definitely a trustful one. Every six months is an ideal time to take your pooch for a regular check-up.

8. Stay calm around your dog

Just like the way kids follow your footsteps, dogs do that too. They catch up things easily. Don't behave in an anxious manner around him. Nervous dogs are ought to be the aggressive ones. So be the moose! Stay calm and an assertive leader, be someone who you would love your dog to be.

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