8 Popular Dog Breeds in India

Looking for a furry friend to bring home? There are a number of breeds available in India to choose from and before making a decision, make sure you have done your homework well. Dogs are amazing creatures that shower their family with unconditional love, and are human’s perfect companion. They keep the atmosphere lively, accompany you for walks and can actually take a bullet for your protection. Every breed has its own speciality, and maintenance needs. Here are some friendly and popular dog breeds that go well with Indian climate and can be the perfect addition to your family…

There’s no doubt Labrador retriever is one of the most common breeds in our country. They are super-friendly, easy to train, playful and intelligent. They do not have high-maintenance cost and easily adapt to different environments. In fact, they are a bundle of joy and one of the best options for the first-time pet parents.


8 most popular dog breeds in India

This breed needs no introduction. Pugs are small in size, affectionate and their eyes speak tons about their innocence. They are an ancient dog breeds and in fact, are said to be one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. They make ideal pets for modern Indian households especially for the families living in apartments. They are jovial dogs and need less grooming. Again, they are a good option for first time pet parents.

German Shepherd
One of the most easily available breeds in India, German Shepherds are intelligent, alert and courageous dogs. They are also called as Alsatian (UK), Alsatian wolf dog (UK) and Alsatian, Deutscher and GSD. They can be easily trained and require average grooming. They were earlier used for sheep herding, and are now used for security purposes and are referred to a GSD because of their amazing smell and detection capabilities.

If you are a true dog lover, then there’s no better breed than Indian Pariah. They are one of the sturdiest dog breeds in the country and are easily available, free of cost. They are equally affectionate and loyal as other dogs, and adopting them would actually be a noble deed. They are the most suitable for the Indian climate, and are the perfect example of survival of the fittest.

Indian Spitz
Don’t get confused between an Indian Spitz and Pomeranian as both of them are different breeds. Pomeranians are shorter in height, have less weight and longer fur in comparison to Indian Spitz. In fact, the Indian Spitzs are more similar to the German ones, and are about 1.5-2.5 inches shorter at the withers and have less weight. Being an Indian breed, they are pretty adaptable to different climatic conditions and are sturdy. Plus, they require average grooming.


8 most popular dog breeds in India

If you are looking for a small, apartment-friendly and jovial furry friend, then Dachshund is a nice option for you. This breed was initially bred to hunt small prey like tunnelling animals, rabbits and hairs, but later became one of the popular domesticated breeds. They are courageous, energetic, healthy and suitable for Indian climate.

Even though they are widely preferred in military and police services around the world, Doberman make great pets. They are loving, courageous, intelligent and famous for their extraordinary sixth sense. Plus, they too can adapt to different climatic conditions, have average grooming needs, and are easily available in different Indian cities.


8 most popular dog breeds in India

The word Dalmatian reminds every one of the movie 101 Dalmatians, right? Dalmatians are healthy, athletic and affectionate dogs. They make a good watch dog and are more suitable for warm weather, and not recommended for extreme cold weather. The Dalmatian dogs were originated from Dalmatia (Roman province), by Dalmatae tribe and from here they got their name Dalmatian.

Do not forget this…
It is easy to bring a dog to your home but make sure you treat it like a family member. It may vary from breed to breed, but all dogs require grooming, daily walks, a nutritious diet and proper attention- don’t deny them of this basic care. Make sure you have enough time to take them to a good veterinarian on regular basis and get them vaccinated. Plus, if you think the pet would have to be left alone at home for prolonged hours every day, then it’s wise not to adopt one. Nobody likes to stay alone, including dogs. And most importantly, before adopting a pooch, be sure that you will be able to keep it with you for its entire lifetime. It’s a commitment you cannot run away from. Ergo, do ask yourself whether you are actually prepared for this responsibility or not. Happy pet parenting!

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