8 Most Popular Cat Breeds in India

Thinking of adopting a pet cat? Well, cats make great companions. They are affectionate, intelligent and self-sufficient. Moreover, they are quiet creatures in comparison to dogs, they do not smell, require low maintenance, and in fact, they clean themselves up.
Depending upon the breed, they can live up to 20 years, and like any other pet, they too become family members. Here are some popular cat breeds in India…

Himalayan Cat
Also known as Colourpoint Persian, they are one of the common cat breeds. They have fluffy hair and beautiful blue eyes. They are generally have a white body, but are also found other colours including in brown, cream and red.

Mumbai Cat
They are an Asian breed with their ancestors being the black cats. They have enchanting golden eyes, and black body that makes them look unique. They have two varieties- British and American Bombay.

Popular cat breeds in India

Siamese Cat
They are one of the most common cat breeds in South Asia and their origin can be traced back to Shanghai, where they are believed to be first domesticated. They are medium sized felines, and have slender legs, oval paws and triangular hind legs. They have an athletic body and generally have a brownish cream body.

Maine Coon
Interestingly, they are known to be the oldest cat breeds in the history on earth and are also considered one of the most suitable breeds to adopt. They are quite adaptive by nature and have non-fussy behaviour. They are considered to be well behaved and have friendly attitude.

This breed is most commonly spotted in Hollywood films, and can catch anyone’s attention with their looks. They have white long hair, and twinkling eyes. They are more popular in France and US, but the demand of this breed is catching up in India as well. They are little fussy by nature, require owner’s attention and proper grooming.

The American Bobtail
The most adorable part about this breed is their tail. As the name suggest, these cats can be recognised with their bob tail, that’s length is one third of their total body length. They have a sturdy body type and have shiny coats with long hair. They are fluffy and their eyes can be of any colour. Plus, they are quite playful by nature and adaptive to new environments.

Popular cat breeds in India

Spotted Cat

If you consider yourself a true animal lover, then adopting this breed would be a noble deed. They have got grey spots all over their body and their tale is generally darker than their body colour. They are sturdy and easily adjust in Indian climate. They are affectionate and quite friendly by nature. Most importantly, you don’t need to buy them. Just walk into an animal shelter, and make one your family member.

Keep this in mind…

Choosing the right cat breed is a big decision, and it’s a commitment one cannot let go after a few years. Before adopting one, do brood about whether do you want a pure breed or a street cat? Will your daily schedule allow you the time to take its care? Do you want to keep it indoors or outdoors? Most importantly, will you able to keep it safe?

If you have been reading till now, we assume you are interesting in adopting a cat. Like any other pets, you need to know that cats too need to be taken to a veterinarian for general check-up, and vaccinations, if required. They also have regular grooming needs as it helps to prevent hairballs, improve their blood circulation and of course, it lets you spend some quality time together. Also, cats need not to be bathed; most of them are able to clean themselves.

You can consider cat-proofing your home to welcome this new member to the family. It will help to keep the kittens safe. Apart from this, invest in a few toys including balls, stuffed animals, and other toys to keep these fur balls playful and busy. You may also consider buying a few other things that will be required on regular basis. The list includes litter box, comb or brush, food bowl, mail trimmer, etc.

It is always advisable to fix a permanent spot to keep the water and food bowl as it helps the kitten to remember it and they can access it themselves whenever they want. Also, it is really important to choose the right food for the pet. Make sure you do your homework well, consult a veterinarian about the nutritional value of food, and take an informed decision.

Happy pet parenting!

(Images: Shutterstock)