8 German Shepherd Gifts for the Dog Lovers in Your Life

8 Perfect German Shepherd Gifts for Dog Lovers

German Shepherd gifts are a sweet reminder of the brave, self-assured, loyal and attentive breed. The quintessential police and military dog, German Shepherd Dogs takes pride in their work and life—whether on or off-duty—and their parents often take even more pride in them.

When combing the internet, there are multitudes of gifts for dog lovers. But when searching for dog gifts specifically for adoring German Shepherd enthusiasts, it’s hard to beat the kind that exude immense appreciation for this kind-hearted and faithful breed.

Here is a glimpse at several ultimate German Shepherd gifts that any German Shepherd pet parent would want.

1. “It’s Not a Home Without a German Shepherd” Sign

dog sign german shepherd

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For German Shepherd lovers, it is abundantly clear that a house is not fully a home without their loyal companion. The “It’s Not a Home Without a German Shepherd” sign by Imagine This Company is the perfect gift for German Shepherd parents, because they can assuredly let every visitor know just how much they appreciate their smiley, four-legged family member.

This charming sign expresses German Shepherd affection with the adorable breed picture of and red paw print details. Manufactured and designed in Richmond, Virginia, the 10-inch by 5-inch wooden sign comes with an attached rope for indoor wall hanging.

2. German Shepherd Dog Leash and Key Holder

dog leash holder

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Sharing a home with a German Shepherd can be chaotic, so their families can probably use a little structure. And since dog lovers enjoy expressing their breed pride, it’s almost absurd for a German Shepherd lover to not have doggie-centric hooks.

SportHooks’ German Shepherd dog leash and key holder helps keep track of your pet’s dog collar, leash—and even your keys! (No one wants to be locked out on a late-night poop walk in the rain.) No need to stop there; the hooks can be used to hold anything and everything, from towels and hats to coats and lanyards

Available in two sizes and constructed of powder-coated steel, this home décor accent comes with mounting screws for easy hanging indoors or out.

3. German Shepherd Street Sign

dog street sign german shepherd

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When you live with a German Shepherd, life can revolve around your pup. A dog lover’s mind, heart and home centers around those fuzzy paws and “aww”-inducing brown eyes.

All German Shepherd lovers can enhance their homes—including their dog house, driveway and even mailbox with a sign that tells people exactly where they are: German Shepherd Street.

The German Shepherd Street decorative sign by Imagine This Company looks like an authentic street sign with a Kelly green background and boldfaced, white lettering printed on both sides. Made out of durable plastic, the 6-inch-by-18-inch sign has two holes at the sides of the top for easy hanging.

4. “Your German Shepherd Puppy Month by Month” Book

german shepherd dog book

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You cannot go wrong with a book that spells out all of the milestones in a German Shepherd Dog’s life if you or someone you know just welcomed a new German Shepherd puppy into the family.

“Your German Shepherd Month By Month,” by Liz Palika, owner of Kindred Spirits Dog Training, teaches new German Shepherd parents what to expect at each stage of their puppy’s life and the training needed as the dog grows into an active and friendly companion. Sections include information about vaccinations, potty training, socialization, leash training, feeding and grooming.

Though your puppy might be bored while reading…

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… a German Shepherd puppy parent will not!

5. German Shepherd Mug

dog mug

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It’s hard to beat sipping on a cup of joe in the morning with your fur baby by your side. When heading for a coffee cup, go for one that shows your German Shepherd Dog love with a high-quality earthenware mug that features a beautiful picture of a German Shepherd and several breed-related traits.

You can swig from this mug while relaxing at home or, better yet, bring it to the office to show off some GSD pride to co-workers and friends. The 15-ounce “My Faithful Friend Dog Breed Coffee Mug” is painted by Danbury Mint artist Tamara Burnett and is microwave- and dishwasher-safe.

6. German Shepherd Hand Towels

dog towel

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German Shepherd hand towels are a useful gift and can be hung in bathrooms or kitchens.

Avanti Linens’ hand towel two-pack features striking embroidered German Shepherd Dog detailing on cotton terry hand towels. Measuring 16-inches by 28-inches, the plush, absorbent towels are practical—machine washable—and stylish, making them the perfect German Shepherd gift.

Plus, by eliminating paper towels from the area, you don’t have to worry about, well, this…

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7. German Shepherd Figurine

german shepherd dog figurine

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No list of dog gifts is complete without a miniature statue of your best friend. Conversation Concepts’ German Shepherd figurine makes a personal and heartwarming gift.

The highly detailed, hand-sculpted and hand-painted German Shepherd figurine is sure to evoke thought and sentimentality from all GSD lovers. Not only will it remind the recipients of their favorite confidant, but it is a stunning artistic complement to any home—an ideal German Shepherd gift!

8. “I Love My German Shepherd” Bone Magnet

bone dog magnet

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When thinking of gifts for dog lovers, it’s impossible not to picture the quintessential doggy-pride gift: “The I Love My [Insert Dog Breed]” magnet. Whether stuck on a fridge, a car or any metal furniture, Imagine This Company’s bone magnet that reads “I Love My German Shepherd” is the essential German Shepherd-lover’s gift.

If used on a bumper, it won’t leave sticky residue; this weather-resistant, dog gift was created with high-gloss UV ink and is designed to be easily removed.

With all of these German Shepherd dog gifts you can get for someone (or yourself!), you are sure to represent the special four-legged companion in your life well.

By: Katrina Rossos

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