8 Dachshund Gifts for Weiner Dog Lovers

Dachshund gifts are the perfect way to show your appreciation for these smart, snuggly sausage rolls of love. Dachshunds were bred to hunt—to flush out badgers from underground dens—and can be quite stubborn, determined, surprisingly loud and, um, enthusiastic barkers for their size.

Overall, they have a reputation as being the charming clowns of the canine world and loyal to their pack. Their pet parents are equally loyal; after all, once a Doxie person, always a Doxie person, and most Dachshund parents share their hearts and homes with more than one.

Need ideas for Dachshund gifts for the wiener dog lover in your life? We’ve rounded up eight delightful Dachshund gifts that any Doxie lover would be happy to open. (Psst… that includes you!)

1. Susquehanna Glass Dachshund Tumblers

dachshund tumblers

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The cheeky sayings and adorable sketches on these wine tumblers are sandblasted into the glass by hand, so they’ll won’t fade or scratch off. These Dachshund glasses can be used for any beverage, and we love that they’re made in a 100-year-old, family-owned workshop!

2. “101 Uses for a Dachshund” Picture Book

dachshund book

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Illustrating what every Doxie parent already knows, “101 Uses for a Dachshund” by Willow Creek Press is a relatable and hilarious present for any Doxie devotee. Through stunning photography, this picture book spotlights wiener dogs’ versatility, like serving as seat warmers, personal trainers, security guards, moist towelettes, and 97 other roles that warm our Doxie-loving hearts.

3.“All You Need Is Love… And A Dachshund” Box Sign

dachshund sign

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Whether displayed on a kitchen counter, a fireplace mantle, a dresser or a desk, this box sign is the perfect display to show off your Dachshund love. The sign is made of wood with a vintage finish and makes a perfect housewarming or hostess Dachshund gift.

4. Socksmith Women’s Haute Dog Crew Dachshund Socks

dachshund socks

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Soft and stretchy, these Dachshund socks come in two cheery colors to add a shot of whimsy to casual outfits. Take a close look at the print—the wieners wear woolens!

These adorable socks make for a practical, yet fun and fully affordable present for a Dachshund devotee.

5. “Crusoe, the Celebrity Dachshund: Adventures of the Wiener Dog Extraordinaire” by Ryan Beauchesne

dachshund picture book

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This New York Times bestseller is a collection of sweet true stories, recipes and life advice based on Crusoe, a famous blogging Daschund (yes, really).

“Crusoe, the Celebrity Dachshund: Adventures of the Wiener Dog Extraordinaire” by Ryan Beauchesne shows off Crusoe’s killer fashion sense, among many other of his attributes.

6. “I Heart My Dachshund” Magnet

dachshund magnet

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Can’t-fail gifts for dog lovers aren’t always that easy to find, but if your giftee is a Doxie devotee, this one’s a no-brainer. The “I Heart My Dachshund” bone magnet from Imagine This Company is printed with high-gloss UV ink designed to stand up to rain on a car’s bumper or metal mailbox. Naturally, it’s eye-catching in the traditional spot as well: the refrigerator door.

7. SportHooks Dachshund Dog Leash & Key Holder

dachshund leash holder

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A handy spot to hang your pupper’s leash and harness, raincoat (Doxies typically detest wet walks), as well as your keys, this handy Dachshund dog leash and key holder is made of durable powder-coated steel. It also can hold bulkier items, such as towels or baseball hats.

8. Imperial Cat Dachshund Cat Scratching Board

dachshund cat scratcher

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While guinea pigs and Dachshunds probably shouldn’t share a home—due to the Doxie’s strong hunting instincts—many wiener dogs and cats have thrived in one household. Among the Dachsund gifts that would impress a friend who also has a cat, this adorable Dachshund-shaped cat scratching board stands out. The honeycomb-like fabrication helps it hold up, and the tree bark-texture mimics what cats scratch in the wild. Plus, the board doubles as a lounger (for either Doxie or feline) after the included catnip wears off. Imagine the adorable pictures!

Daschunds are a more popular pet than ever; we all seem to know somebody who lives with one (or several). Any one of these eight gift ideas are sure to bring a smile to you and the Doxie parent in your life.

Christina Vercelletto is a pet, travel and lifestyle content specialist and a former editor of Parenting, Scholastic Parent & Child, and Woman’s Day. She lives on Long Island with her Chiweenie, Pickles, and 20-pound Calico, Chub-Chub.

Featured Image: via Chewy Studios