8 Best Black Friday Deals for Your Dog’s Holiday Wish List

Best 8 Black Friday Deals for Dog Lovers

It’s finally that time of year where holiday shopping is starting and deals are knocking on your door. If you and your pup are looking to jump on Black Friday deals without having to wag your way through the craze of Black Friday madness, then we’ve got some sweet online deals just for you!

What dog owner doesn’t grab the opportunity to get his favorite furry friend some new dog toys or delicious dog treats at a fraction of the cost? Don’t miss out on the chance to celebrate your love for your pooch on the biggest shopping day of the year with great deals from the comfort of your own couch.

Here are eight of the best Black Friday deals Chewy has to offer.

1. ZippyPaws Squishy Plush Dog Toys

black friday deals zippypaws plush dog toy

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Got a squeaker lover? Match your dog’s love for squeaking action with this set of three adorable plush creatures that may just be your dog’s new BFFs.

Featuring a fox, raccoon and squirrel, this adorable set of woodland plush animals ensures your dog gets all the squeaks in his day of play. Plus, no stuffing in each toy means less mess and less stress for pup owners. Sounds like a win-win to us!

Black Friday Deal : Get 41% off ZippyPaws Squishy Plush Dog Toys

2. Frisco Rectangular Bolster Pet Bed

Black Friday Deals frisco pet bed

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There’s nothing like rolling into a comfy bed after having one too many helpings during Thanksgiving dinner. (Oops!) Treat your pooch to the bed of his dreams and make his holiday wish come true with Frisco’s rectangular bolster bed.

With cushioned bolsters around the edges, raised sides and fluffy polyester filling, Frisco’s rectangular bolster bed is made to provide your pup with ultimate comfort and support. Chances are he’ll love the comfort and you’ll appreciate the neutral style to complement your home décor.

Black Friday Deal : Get 25% off Frisco’s Rectangular Bolster Pet Bed

3. Greenies Season’s Dental Dog Treats

black friday deals greenies dental dog treats

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Treats that are good for your dog’s teeth? Now that’s something your pup can get on board with!

Greenies’ season’s dental dog treats not only help remove plaque and tartar to keep your pup’s teeth squeaky clean, they also help your furry friend’s breath be kissably-sweet, so you can enjoy all the smooches this holiday season.

Give your dog the gift of clean teeth and fresh breath with this perfect, all-natural stocking stuffer.

Black Friday Deal : Get 24% off Greenies Season’s Dental Dog Treats

4. American Journey Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

American Journey Salmon Black Friday Deals

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Looking for a gourmet recipe to knock off your pup’s socks? Look no further than American Journey’s salmon and sweet potato grain-free dog food. It will have your pup reaching for seconds.

Featuring real salmon, sweet potatoes and flaxseeds, this nutritious recipe offers your pooch fuel for any of his daily adventures and dietary cravings he may have this winter.

Black Friday Deal : Buy 1 American Journey Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food, get 1 FREE

5. Holiday Dog Goody Box

Holiday Goody Box Black Friday Deals

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‘Tis the season of giving, so why not give your pup a little taste of winter with Chewy’s latest Holiday Goody Box? Featuring a selection of handpicked goodies from our top brands, this goody box includes seasonal treats, cool toys and festive accessories all customized for your furry friend.

No matter what holiday your family celebrates, a Goody Box makes a great gift for not only your own dog, but also an exciting surprise for pet parent friends and relatives. Either way, it’s never been easier to spread good cheer with top-quality goodies left at your doorstep with care!

Black Friday Deal : Get the Holiday Dog Goody Box for $14.95 plus FREE Shipping

6. Onguard Flea & Tick Treatment for Dogs

Onguard flea and tick treatment best black friday deals

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Give the gift of no fleas and ticks with Onguard flea and tick treatment. This is a topical treatment that helps kill fleas and ticks in all life stages. Onguard is designed to be easy to apply: just part the hair on the back of your pup’s neck and apply all of the contents of the applicator in one area.

This flea and tick treatment is available for dogs of all sizes, in different weight distributions: up to 22 pounds, 23-44 pounds, 45-88 pounds, and 89-132 pounds.

Black Friday Deal : Get 50% off your first purchase of Onguard Flea & Tick Treatment for Dogs

7. Frisco’s Counting Sheep Fleece PJs

best black friday deals frisco dog pajamas

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One sheep, two sheep, three sheep… Help your pup count ALL the sheep before catching his Z’s with these adorable fleece PJs!

Perfect for those chilly nights, furry sleepovers or just for lounging around the house, Frisco’s stylish PJs will help keep your doggo cozy and warm all winter long. Plus, they help keep dander off your bedding and furniture, so you can sneak in all the snuggles without having to deal with the shedding.

Make sure to put this fashionable sleepwear on your pup’s wish list of winter essentials.

Black Friday Deal : Get 20% off Frisco’s Counting Sheep Fleece PJs

8. Embark Breed & Ancestry Identification, Trait & Health Detection Dog DNA Test Kit

embark dog dna test black friday deals

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Celebrate your pup this holiday by getting to know them better. Embark’s DNA test is a great way to better know your dog by measuring them across 200 dog breeds including wild dogs such as wolf, coyote and village dogs. This test also examines over 200,000 genetic markers so you can determine genetic disease risk and heritable traits.

This DNA test is made to be easy to use: just swab your pup’s mouth and mail it back (box included) with pre-paid postage included.

Black Friday Deal : Get 22% off Embark Breed & Ancestry Identification, Trait & Health Detection Dog DNA Test Kit

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By: Anastasiya Chevtchenko

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