5 Winter Street Style Looks for Your Dog

5 Cold Weather Street Style Looks for Dogs

Whether you prefer high-fashion, bohemian, sporty or preppy, street style fashion is all about showing off who you are. And that goes for two- and four-legged fashionistas alike.

We tapped New York City-based blogger and influencer Tilden Brighton to serve up some doggy street style inspiration for your furry friend. Brighton usually covers human fashion, as well as interior décor and lifestyle tips, on her blog, To Be Bright , but she was more than up to the task. So was her model, a friend’s spunky Pomeranian named Milo.

Brighton curated five cold weather street style looks that are both fashionable and practical. Re-create the looks for your pup, and he’ll be stopping traffic in no time!

Chic Puffer Vest

Dog street style for winter

Courtesy of Tilden Brighton

When there’s a chill in the air, this Fab Dog color block puffer vest keeps fashion-conscious canines warm and looking good.

“It’s rare to find a functional dog coat that’s also stylish, but this color blocked puffer vest is exactly that!” Brighton says.

Dog winter street style

Courtesy of Tilden Brighton

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Poly-filled for warmth with a 100-percent waterproof nylon outer shell, this vest is “perfect for those unpredictable winter days,” she says. And we could not agree more. Who could resist this gorgeous, functional and chic puffer vest? This is a street style must-have.

Comfy Faux Down Parka

Dog street style winter

Courtesy of Tilden Brighton

Functional and fashionable, your dog will be turning “snouts” on the streets and at the dog park in his Canada Pooch North Pole premium dog parka.

winter dog coat

Courtesy of Tilden Brighton

This military-inspired, winter coat is reminiscent in style of the highly popular Canada Goose parka for humans, but it comes in just the right size for your pup.

“Here’s a coat every city pooch needs for the winter,” Brighton says. “This faux-down dog coat is extremely warm and perfect for those breeds who need more insulation than others. I also love the details of the faux-fur trimmed hood and functional back pocket, just like the human version!”

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Warm Cable-Knit Sweater

Dog street style winter

Courtesy of Tilden Brighton

For days when there’s a chill in the air, a cable-knit sweater never goes out of style—whether we’re talking about human or pet fashion. Designed to be chic, sophisticated and ultra-comfortable, this beige Chilly Dog natural cable knit sweater makes Milo look snappy and snug.

Winter dog street style -sweater

Courtesy of Tilden Brighton

“This sweater looks like something I own myself,” Brighton says. “It’s another cozy option for your dog, but for days where it’s above 45 degrees. The hand-knit material is ultra-breathable, comfortable and allergy-free.”

Made of fair-trade wool sourced from farms in the Andes, this all-natural, organic sweater is a smart choice for puppy fashionistas with discerning taste.

Rainy Days Raincoat

Dog street style for winter

It pays to be a lap dog. Three dogs (from First Class cabins!) survived the sinking of the Titanic – two Pomeranians and one Pekingese.

Courtesy of Tilden Brighton

Milo looks handsome, sleek and, most of all, dry in this stylish Frisco Rainy Days dog raincoat.

“Finding a raincoat that actually covers your dog can be a tricky endeavor,” Brighton says. “Luckily, I found this one to have maximum coverage to keep Milo dry during those stormy outings.”

Dog winter street style - raincoat

Courtesy of Tilden Brighton

The PVC coating helps keep the water off, and the jacket stays put with fuzzy neck and belly fasteners. Visible, reflective stripes on the sides of this dog raincoat aids in keeping pups extra safe during dark, inclement weather. For wintry weather, this must-have street fashion is a staple in any dog’s closet.

Basic Black Hoodie

Dog street style for winter

Courtesy of Tilden Brighton

Just because pups have fur doesn’t mean they don’t want a faux fur-lined dog hoodie. Hoods are always a great option for dogs on cold, windy days. Plus, the ribbed belly panel stretches, so you never have to worry about your best friend being uncomfortable.

The Frisco basic dog hoodie comes in several colors and sizes. But let’s be real; black is an essential must-have, and Milo looks ultra-cool in this ultra-warm sweatshirt.

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“Sometimes basic is best, especially in NYC,” Brighton says. “I found this particular hoodie to be a great layering piece to wear underneath looser-fitting, light-weight dog coats . As winter turns to spring, this hoodie is a perfect casual option to dress your dog in for those brisk morning walks.”

Dog winter street style - hoodie

Courtesy of Tilden Brighton

Daily walks are indispensable for your dog’s health, and loving pet parents can make sure their dogs stay warm and dry all winter long with these fun street styles. Not only do these pet apparel options protect your pooch from the elements, but they also ensure your pup looks stylish! Note: It is imperative to keep your dog supervised when he is sporting dog apparel.

For more influential, fashionable tips, follow Tilden Brighton on Instagram at @tobebright and check out Chewy.com for other stylish dog apparel.

By: Katrina Rossos

Featured Image: Courtesy of Tilden Brighton