5 Thanksgiving Day safety tips for your pet

Thanksgiving is a time to gather with your loved ones and celebrate the holiday season with them.

One of the great things about the holidays is to see people close to you who don’t see them and eat delicious foods that you don’t always cook, such as the famous grandmother’s pie in the USA!

Since it is only once a year, your pet may not be focused on during the celebration, and its safety may not be of concern to all the bifurcated events of the day.

Always be sure to take precautions so that you feel comfortable as in normal days.

1. Dangerous foods

When we talk mainly, it is best to stick to your pet’s natural food without any addition of other food in addition to treating it.

Althoughleftover food may be harmful to dogs, it is sometimes harmful. But there are some harmless ones that must be suitable for Thanksgiving for cats and dogs at home.

  • Nachooften contains ingredients such as onions, green onions, garlic and other toxic agents for dogs and cats, and can cause a condition called anemia that is fatal.
  • Roostersare not inherently dangerous to pets, on the contrary, they are sometimes a key ingredient in dog food, however, when synthetic materials, chicks, and preservatives are introduced into their meat, they become poisonous in dogs.
  • Do not neglect or try to drop any bonesfrom turkey to your dog ‘s food as they are a major cause of indigestion and can even tear your pet’ s internal organs.
  • Stay away from porkas it is a bad entrance to pets with diseases such as pancreatitis
  • Mashed potatoes are fine, but if you add onions, butter or garlic, they are very harmful to your pet.
  • If the table contains grapefruit or raisins, make sure it is on the table because if it falls into the dog’s mouth, it can cause kidney failure that could cause direct death.

Find ways to enrich your pet’s environment. Your dog or cat needs your help to stay mentally stimulated. This is important not only to discourage destructive behavior in younger pets, but also to keep your older pet’s brain sharp.

2. Kitchen safety ٍ

The place where your pets are going is one of the most important places to be cautious, especially during the cooking process.

3. Decorations

It is important to be careful to leave pets unattended near table tools such as candles because they are dangerous if swallowed by your pet, and a tablecloth that can cause a catastrophe pet at Thanksgiving Dinner

4. Trash

The same applies to tin cans that are always kept closed or taken out when they are full.

No one wants your dog to destroy trash bags filled with tin cans and scatter them all over the house on Thanksgiving night.

5. Proper travel accommodations

If you plan to travel during the holiday, consider the needs of your pet during the trip.

Be sure to pack enough supplies for the length of your trip, and some extra extras for emergencies

If you’re leaving your friend to take care of your pet, make sure he’s comfortable with him before your trip. If they have pets, make sure their animal is compatible with your pets.