5 most fluffy cats in the world

I present to your attention a list of the most fluffy cats. I want to note right away that the place of a cat in the list does not at all correspond to the length of its coat, but rather corresponds to the prevalence of the breed in the world.5 most fluffy cats in the world.


  1. 1.Persian cat
  2. 2.Siberian cat
  3. 3.Maine Coon
  4. 4.Norwegian forest cat
  5. 5.Ragdoll
  6. Cats in the world.

1.Persian cat

The Persian cat is the most famous and oldest breed among the “fluffies”. Its long, fluffy and soft fur reaches up to 12 centimeters. Their fur clothes are pleasant to the touch, but require daily care. “Persians” are also called “sofa” cats for their non-aggressive nature, but in games these shaggy balls can be very mobile.

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2.Siberian cat

The harsh, cold weather conditions of Eastern Siberia contributed to the formation of a dense and warm coat. And the “Siberians” keep their fluffy tail high and with a proud look. The fur of these cats does not cause allergies. The coat also requires special care, as well as the coat of the Persian cat.

3.Maine Coon

This breed originated from cats living on a farm in America. Maine Coon is one of the largest domestic cats. Males weigh about 13 kilograms. And the females are 7 kilograms. The color of these seals is called raccoon, although very unusual and even plain colors are rare. The purring of Maine Coons is similar to the sounds made by raccoons and even to human speech.

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4.Norwegian forest cat

The size of the Norwegian cat is slightly larger than average, the muscular body of the correct proportions, and well developed. The fur of these cats is very warm, as it is very cold in the Norwegian forests. These cats are smart enough and have moderate activity. Like all cats, they love affection. Care for their coat is very thorough, as their fur is very long and fluffy.


Animals of this breed show great interest in communicating with their owners. Ragdolls love to spend time with their owner. Similar to Siamese and Burmese cats are also called “rag dolls” – this is how the English word “ragdoll” is translated.

Cats in the world.