5 easy tricks you can teach your dog

Training your pet dog is a great way to bond and keep it mentally and physically active. All it takes is a little patience, practice and a packet of dog treats, and you can teach your dog some impressive tricks. You can even flaunt them in front of your friends or at a dog party. Here are five tricks you can teach your pooch at home without any professional help.

Take a bow

This one is pretty simple. Dogs frequently stretch themselves to relax, and bow naturally. So, next time you catch your pet doing it, simply say ‘take a bow’ (or any other command) and reward it with a treat. When you keep practising this trick for some time, your pet would understand to take a cue whenever you say the command. Remember, every dog takes its own time to learn a trick and make sure you don’t turn harsh while teaching any of the tricks.

Shake your hand

This one might take a little time but trust us, all your efforts would be worth it when you will flaunt it in front of your family and friends. To teach your pet how to shake hands, kneel to his level and make it sit on the floor. Say ‘shake’ and offer your palm. Next, gently lift its elbow and place it on your palm. Once this is done, give him a treat and repeat this for four to five times. Keep practising this for at least a week and eventually, your dog will happily wag his tail and shake hands whenever he hears the command from you.

High five
The technique remains the same. Sit next to your dog, say the command, gently lift his leg and do a high-five. Next, reward him with a treat. Also, make sure you stop the moment you realise your dog is not comfortable with the process.

This trick looks difficult to teach but it might turn out to be an easy one. Hold a treat close to your dog’s nose and say the command. Next, lure him to move in a circular motion. Once he completes moving in the circle, offer him the treat.

The same technique can be used to teach your dog to jump on your command. Hold the treat near his nose and slowly lift your hand upwards. Your dog would jump to grab it and you offer it the treat afterwards.

Happy petting!