22 Most Expensive Dog Breeds Around the World

Dogs are more to us than just pets. Over the years, man has come to take dogs as allies and friends. But, if you must buy a dog, a little bit of research is advised. There are so many breeds of dogs to go for, but some are just too expensive in the areas of price, grooming, and healthcare!

Here, we expose the most expensive dog breeds around the world. Go ahead and buy the breed of your choice after you have seen the price tag, grooming expenses, and average healthcare costs of each breed.

1. Kerry Blue Terrier
With a life expectancy of about 15 years, the Kerry Blue Terrie breed go for just $600 per dog but they have many health issues. Be ready to spend about $7,000 on healthcare and medication.

Find ways to enrich your pet’s environment. Your dog or cat needs your help to stay mentally stimulated. This is important not only to discourage destructive behavior in younger pets, but also to keep your older pet’s brain sharp.