12 animals looking for their forever homes this Christmas

Ivy is so cute
These two are adorable (Picture: RSPCA)

Are you looking to share your home with a new furry friend this Christmas?

Well, the RSPCA have lots of animals who are in need of their loving forever home, and there are twelve who have Christmas names (yes, some are a bit of a stretch, but stay with us), making them the perfect addition to your family this festive season.

The 12 pets of Christmas include cats, dogs , rats, rabbits and ponies – and they’re all as cute as each other.

Could you open up your arms and give these gorgeous animals the love and care they deserve?

Stocking is a two-year-old black and white cat

Stocking the cat
Stocking is gorgeous (Picture: RSPCA)
Stocking came into the RSPCA after being rescued as a stray. She was found living in a garden shed with her kittens.

She was a great mum to her kittens in difficult circumstances, but now it’s time for her to find her purrfect forever home.

Stocking is a sweet loving girl who enjoys being around people and having some well deserved attention lavished on her. She is looking for a family to cuddle up with.

She can live with children and possibly another cat but no dogs.

To find out more about Stocking, call 0161 624 4725.

Meet Sparkle, the three-year-old Shih Tzu

Sparkle the dog
Sparkle is just lovely (Picture: RSPCA)
Sparkle – like the star on top of your tree – is described as being a ‘very sweet little dog’ with a lovely temperament. She is very friendly and has an easy-going nature. She’s also very playful and loves going on walks, while also being good in the car and generally very clean, so housetraining wouldn’t be a problem in her new home.

Sparkle does have sensitive skin and her coat is not in the best condition. She is likely to have some allergies which could be investigated further.

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While being at the RSPCA, she has been having medicated baths and is also on medication to help with this.

Sparkle is fine with most dogs and could potentially be rehomed with another neutered dog, but would also be happy being the only pup.

She absolutely loves attention and is looking for a home where she’ll get lots of it.

To contact the branch about Sparkle, call 01612 862503.

Seven-year-old Belle is looking for her forever home

Belle the dog
Could you be Belle’s new owner? (Picture: RSPCA)
Belle – like jingle bells or sleigh bells – is a ‘spritely girl’ looking for an active home. She’s found life in the kennel very stressful and so can initially only be left for one to two hours until she has built her confidence.

She’s a super playful girl who loves toys and people, but can be quite energetic so should live with children aged over 14.

Although Belle has made many doggy friends, she is still learning how to behave around them, and so she’d benefit from training classes and lots of socialisation.

However, she does know lots of obedience commands, so needs an experienced owner that can bring out the best in her, through lots of love and training.

If you think you have the time and love to give Belle call the branch for more information on 0300 123 0751.

Two-year-old Star is a lovely black and white cat

Star the cat
Star is a lovely black and white cat (Picture: RSPCA)
Star is a lovely and friendly girl with lots of character. She’s also very playful and loves a cuddle.

In a new home, she is looking for somewhere where she can roam around outside, as she is full of energy and loves to play.

She’s also okay being homed with another cat or dog and is fine around children.

For more information on Star, call 07712459857.

Four-year-old Clause is a Domestic Shorthair crossbreed

Clause the cat
Clause is a domestic breed (Picture: RSPCA)
The ginger and white cat is a beautiful boy who needs a constant supply of cuddles. He loves his best friend Evie, and so they must be adopted together, so if you do like the look of Clause, make sure you ask about his little friend before visiting! Clause – like Santa Claus – would like to live with someone who spends most of their time at home, and who will allow him to go out and roam around. He could live with kids, and he could also live with a dog!

For more information on Clause, call 07712459857.

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Twinkle is the most adorable baby rabbit

Twinkle and his friend
Twinkle needs to be adopted with his friend (Picture: RSPCA)
We have fallen in love with little Twinkle, who the RSPCA estimates is aged between zero and three months. The black and white bunny can be a bit shy at first but he quickly comes out of his shell. He is good to stroke but he is still not sure about being picked up. He likes his food and will take vegetables from you. He loves to snuggle up with his friend Lady, and they will need to be re-homed together.

Snowberry is a Netherland Dwarf rabbit

Snowy the rabbit
Snowberry is two years old (Picture: RSPCA)
Two-year-old Snowberry, is a very cute Netherland dwarf female who arrived in RSPCA care as a stray, after she was found wondering around on her own.

Sadly all searches for her owner have failed and the centre is now looking to find her a new home.

Snowberry is a typical nethie, she can be quite fiesty and tempremantal at times, but equally she loves to come over for a nose rub.

The rabbit can be quite fussy with her food so she will need an owner that is happy to offer her a selection of hays and veggies.

She does love carrots, however she is now only allowed a little.

Snowberry would suit a home with someone with a neutered Netherland dwarf male rabbit. Snowberry has been health checked by a vet, neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped.

To adopt Snowberry, call 0845 2723570.

Ivy the baby rabbit is beautiful

Ivy the rabbit
Ivy is so sweet (Picture: RSPCA)

Meet Ivy, a little fawn-coloured baby rabbit.

She is a super sociable rabbit so could live with first time rabbit owners and could happily live with sensible children.

Upon successful introductions and continued pairing in the home she could live with a neutered male rabbit.

Ivy would also be able to live as an indoor rabbit – as long as you give her lots to do!

Like the look of Ivy? Call 0300 123 0744.

13-year-old Holly is an older cat

A picture of Holly
Holly is an older cat (Picture: RSPCA)

This black cat is a little older than the rest, and is looking for her forever home.

She is a ‘lap cat lady’ who came to the RSPCA after her owner sadly passed away.

She loves nothing more than sitting on your knee while you give her attention, but she is very independent and cheeky as she will give you a little nibble when she has had enough.

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Due to her occasional cheekiness, she can live with children 10+, possibly another cat and possibly a cat friendly doggy too.

To meet Holly, call 0161 624 4725.

Are you looking for a pony? Meet two-year-old Flake

Flake is shy
Flake is very shy (Picture: RSPCA)

Flake (like snowflake… we told you the festive link was a bit tenuous) is a grey gelding currently standing at approximately 11.2hh.

Flake was brought into RSPCA care in January 2017. He is a very nervous pony who needs encouragement and a calm handler to help gain his trust.

Flake requires an experienced loving home where he is given the time and reassurance he needs to progress further. He is a very friendly boy who wants to please you.

Flake’s trust and confidence grows each session he is worked with, he is a very quick learner who tries his best. He is good to catch, his leading needs some work along with grooming/leg handling.

Flake is passported, microchipped and vaccinated against tetanus.

If you would like to come and meet Flake and feel you can give him the home he deserves please contact the RSPCA on 07720948636

His adoption fee is £200.

Meet six-year-old Tink

A picture of Tink
Isn’t Tink lovely? (Picture: RSPCA)
Tink is a cute mini shetland mare, and is looking for an experienced home to carry on her education.

She loves adults but would need more introduction to children.

Her adoption fee is £150.

Do you think you could offer her a forever home? Call 0300 123 0720.

Brussel and Sprout are two rats in need of a home

Brussel and Sprout
These two boys are in need of a forever home (Picture: RSPCA)
These one-year-old rats are called Brussel and Sprout.

They were handed over to the RSPCA when their owner couldn’t give them what they needed.

They have had a few issues with their fur, but it’s growing back nicely now.

Brussle is more laid back, while Sprout is a bit more jumpy and protective over Brussle and food.

But slowly both are starting to learn what it’s like to have a large accommodation with a good variation of toys and food.

Rats are incredibly intelligent creatures and these boys would be excellent companions for an experienced owner. Call 07484 905707 if you think that’s you.

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