12 animals longing for forever homes this Christmas after years in shelters

The beautiful dogs
What beautiful pups (Picture: RSPCA)
Christmas is a time for coming together as a family, and we’re hoping that families will come forward this festive season to invite one of these gorgeous animals into their home, as they’ve spent longer than any other animals in RSPCA shelters.

These 12 animals, including dogs , cats, ferrets, guinea pigs and ponies, have spent years longing to meet their forever family.

Each gorgeous and with their own quirky personalities, we’re hoping someone will fall in love with these animals and give them the home they deserve this Christmas.

Meet Hope

Hope the pony
Hope has spent most of her life at the RSPCA (Picture: RSPCA)

Poor Hope has spent almost her whole life in the care of the RSPCA.

She was rescued by RSPCA inspectors in March 2014 as a foal and has now spent 2,119 days in the charity’s care.

When she was rescued, she was collapsed and too weak to even attempt to stand, just hours from death.

However, she’s made an incredible recovery and staff can’t understand why she’s been overlooked time and time again.

She may be able to be ridden in the future or could be a companion horse.

She’s incredibly friendly, loves attention, enjoys being groomed and would be great for in-hand work. To find out more you can contact RSPCA Southridge Animal Centre, in Hertfordshire, on 0300 123 0704.


Ben the dog
Ben is approaching his second Christmas at the centre (Picture: RSPCA)
Gorgeous Ben is approaching his second Christmas in RSPCA care after arriving at the charity’s Cornwall kennels 629 days ago.

The five-year-old was rescued and nursed back to health, but he’s still yet to find his forever home.

He’s described as being a ‘gentle, lovable dog’ who enjoys slow walks and lazy days.

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He’s incredibly laid back and loves attention and cuddles.

If you’re interested in adopting Ben, you can call the RSPCA’s William & Patricia Venton Animal Centre on 01637 881445.

Belle and Poppy

Belle the ferret
Belle needs to be adopted with Poppy (Picture: RSPCA)
Ferret friends Belle and Poppy have been patiently waiting to win over a new owner for 700 days.

They arrived at the RSPCA when their owner could no longer care for them.

They’re bundles of energy and love running around and playing together.

Poppy the ferret
Isn’t Poppy sweet? (Picture: RSPCA)

When they’re not running riot they’re curled up together snoozing. They’d like to find a home together and can be a little shy so would benefit from an experienced owner who can continue to handle them and socialise them to build up their confidence.

Find out more by calling RSPCA Martlesham Animal Centre, in Suffolk, on 0300 3301405.

Isabella and Isadora

Two guinea pigs
These two are mother and daughter (Picture: RSPCA)
Isabella and Isadora are mother and daughter and have spent 292 days in RSPCA care. Isadora had a difficult birth which saw her lose the use of her back legs, but lots of vet visits and physio means she has now regained her movement. Isadora gave birth to five babies but sadly two of them were stillborn. The others were rehomed but Isadora and her younger daughter Isabella get along so well it was decided they would like to be rehomed together.

They are looking for an experienced guinea pig owner and they are unable to live with any other piggies. They love being handled and fussed, are both very friendly and love a chin tickle.

If you can home this adorable pair, call the RSPCA Walsall branch, in the West Midlands, on 0845 2723570

Kitty Kat

Kitty Kat
He’s so sweet! (Picture: RSPCA)
Seven-year-old Kitty Kat was extremely poorly when he arrived at the RSPCA’s Birmingham Animal Centre in February – 320 days ago.

He recovered from pneumonia but it took some time before he was back on his paws. Now this lovely boy is looking for a forever home.

He’s very loyal and loves being with you once he gets to know you. He likes to sit on your lap and enjoy fuss – on his own terms. He is very playful and is extremely clever, having beaten most food puzzles staff have tried.

He’d like to be the only pet in his new home with an experienced owner who can slowly build his trust. Find out more by calling 0300 123 8585.


Rex the dog
Isn’t Rex lovely? (Picture: RSPCA)

Four-year-old Rex is sadly facing his second Christmas in kennels. This lovely, friendly lad has been with the RSPCA for a staggering 532 days and is desperate to find a home this Christmas.

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He’s a lively pooch who enjoys long walks and would love to find an active family to take him on.

He’d benefit from some further training and he loves learning new things.

Rex has a few allergies and therefore has a special diet, and he’d like to be the only pet in the family – though he could live with older children.

If you think you’re the perfect match for Rex, contact RSPCA York Animal Home on [email protected] or 01904 654949.

Basmati and Paella

Basmati the ferret
Basmati has been waiting nearly two years to be adopted (Picture: RSPCA)
Basmati and Paella have been waiting patiently for almost two years – or 728 days – meaning this will be their third Christmas in RSPCA care.

They came into the charity’s care because their owner could no longer take care of them. They’re a lazy pair who love nothing more than curling up together for a cuddle and a snooze.

Paella the ferret
Paella is Basmati’s best friend (Picture: RSPCA)

They’re best friends so would like to find a home together. They can be a little shy so a new owner would need to continue to socialise them and build up their confidence.

Find out more by calling RSPCA Martlesham Animal Centre, in Suffolk, on 0300 3301405.


Cecil the dog
Cecil is so gorgeous (Picture: RSPCA)
Lurcher Cecil has spent more than half his young life in kennels waiting patiently for new owners. He arrived in October 2018, which means he’s now facing the prospect of a second Christmas without a family to call his own – 418 days after he arrived at the shelter.

The two-year-old was found all alone as a stray. He’s finding kennel life really difficult and is desperate for a home of his own.

He’s a wonderful dog, funny and sweet. He’s loyal and happy, gentle and quirky. He loves a fuss and is incredibly bright, learning new tricks really quickly.

Cecil needs experienced owners and would like an adult-only home.

Find out more about Cecil online or contact the Eau Brink Rehoming Centre, West Norfolk, on 01553 618889.


Beautiful Noushka
Noushka is just beautiful (Picture: RSPCA)
Alaskan malamute cross Noushka is hoping it’ll be third time lucky when a new family comes forward for her – and that she won’t have to face a third Christmas in kennels.

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The seven-year-old arrived in the RSPCA’s care in September 2017 and has now been waiting for a home for 717 days. She has been adopted twice – once for 24 hours – but returned due to her dislike for other dogs.

The RSPCA is hoping to find her a home in a quiet, rural area where she won’t see many dogs out and about, although at the centre she has walked out well with other dogs.

She can be quite vocal and loves to howl to greet you in the morning.

She’s extremely affectionate, travels well in the car and is house trained.

She loves being outside but can be quite strong on the lead and is looking for a home with no cats and with older children.

Find out more about her by contacting RSPCA Ashley Heath Animal Centre, in Dorset, on [email protected] or 0300 123 0749.

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