Famous dogs of all times!

Some have been brave and some were owned by celebrities. Some had emotional stories while some were internet sensations. Dogs have most definitely made their mark in history. Like they say... It’s a dog’s life. Here are a few famous dogs and their stories.
The Royal Dogs
The Royal household has been famous for its canine friends. Queen Elizabeth II owned over 30 corgis. Her favourite was Susan, a corgi female she was gifted on her 18th birthday.

Famous akita of Japan, Hachiko’s story was beautifully narrated in a movie starring Richard Gere. Hachiko is known for loyalty to his owner, for whom he continued to wait for over nine years, following his death. There are multiple statues of Hachiko in Japan that symbolise loyalty.

Rin Tin Tin
This German shepherd saved Warner Bros from bankruptcy! Rescued from World War I, he became one of the biggest canine superstars in the world. Rin Tin Tin starred in over 27 Hollywood movies.

Tinkerbell — like her owner socialite Paris Hilton — redefined fashion. This Chihuahua started the trend of totes for dogs! Tinkerbell was a reality star and was a part of Hilton’s reality show. After leading a celebrity life, she passed away in 2015.

Sinbad was a mixed-breed canine sailor aboard the US Coast Guard, who served the 11 years of sea duty including combat in World War II. He was awarded the American Defense Service Medal, American Campaign Medal, European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal, World War II Victory Medal, and the Navy Occupation Service Medal. Sinbad was assigned the rank of K9C or ‘Chief Dog’ – equivalent to Chief Petty Officer.


dogs collage

Boo the Pomeranian became an internet sensation because of his short hair cut. The dog looked nothing less than a stuffed toy. With over 16 million followers on Facebook, Boo is one of the favourite dogs in the world today.

Zanjeer and Caesar
The Braveheart of India, Zanjeer was in the bomb squad and worked at the 1993 bomb blast sites in Mumbai. The heroic canine detected over 3329 kg of RDX explosives, 600 detonators, 249 hand grenades, and more than 6,000 rounds of live ammunition. He also helped avert three more bombs in the days following the blasts, thus saving countless lives.
Caesar, also like Zanjeer, was in the bomb detection operations during the terrorist attacks on Mumbai in 2008. Caesar saved several lives when he sniffed out two hand grenades left by the terrorists at the busy CST railway station.

Pet query


Q- Is it easier keeping a male or a female cat as a pet? Are male cats more aggressive? — Abdul Ghani
A- Male cats are generally larger than females. Uncastrated tomcats tend to wander and get into fights with other cats, which can lead to injuries. They may also mark their territory — including the contents of your house — by ‘spraying’ their urine or by leaving their faeces unburied. This is normal behaviour for animals but rather unpleasant for the pet parents!

Unneutered female cats will come into season regularly and may become pregnant. During this time they are extremely vocal and very attractive to the neighbourhood tom cats! Unless you intend to breed from your cat, it is best to have him or her neutered.

Once neutered, there is little to choose between male and female cats, as both will make affectionate and home-loving pets.
— Expert: Dr Umesh Kallahalli, Veterinarian

Reader stories
Squeaky delights
squeaky delights

My daughter would wish me goodnight each night and go to sleep, all alone in her colourful room. Sketches of dog paws and bird feathers on her bulletin board always reminded me of her love for animals. One day while passing a pet shop she noticed hamsters playing in a cage. The cage had a tunnel, a spinning wheel and a small sand bath pit.. a perfect habitat for them. After a lot of pleading, I allowed her to buy a pair of hamsters, and her life has changed since then. She plays with them before going to school,allowing them to climb on her shoulder as she packs her bag. She has started having cabbage and carrots thanks to Skittle and Lola and has made a play area for them using an old carton.
— Shilpa Tulsian

Bholu, the tortoise

Hi, I am Bholu. Mom says that I am the most handsome tortoise in the world. Mom and dad both work. So, I eagerly wait for the evening when the whole family is home. Sid, the youngest member of the family, is the one who plays with me. What I do is, I stretch my neck and show that I am playing too. Elder brother, who is in hostel, also tries to talk to me when he makes a video call. Mom puts me in her lap and makes me eat ladyfingers. She distresses herself trying to feed me.
Dad is a silent lover. He always keeps an eye on me while watching the news.
— Sid Chandana

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