Puppy party! See pics from Sunny's birthday reunion with his siblings

Sunny and his siblings are celebrating their first birthday with a family reunion!

Our puppy with a purpose was joined by his four brothers and sisters — Izzy, Zuma, Brady and Camden — on the show this morning, less than a week after they turned 1. The siblings traveled from all over the country for the incredible puppy party!

Happy birthday to Sunny and his siblings!

Nathan Congleton/TODAY

We were first introduced to Sunny and company last February. Since then, Sunny has been training as a guide dog in New York with the help of instructor Olivia Poff and the Guide Dog Foundation , a sister organization of America's VetDogs . He graduates in June!

While his siblings moved away soon after their TODAY debut, they’ve remained in the NBC family, spending time with local stations in Atlanta (Izzy) , Los Angeles (Zuma) , Boston (Brady) and Baltimore (Camden) .

The birthday puppies stepped out for some fresh air on the plaza.

Nathan Congleton/TODAY

Thankfully, the entire group was able to make time in their busy schedule for Monday’s adorable get-together!

Ain't no party like a puppy party 'cause a puppy party don't stop!

Nathan Congleton/TODAY

You can take part in the festivities — and help support the Guide Dog Foundation at the same time — by tweeting a pic of your dog using the hashtag #TODAYPuppyParty . In honor of its upcoming movie “A Dog’s Way Home,” Sony is donating $15,000 to the Guide Dog Foundation, plus an additional dollar for each #TODAYPuppyParty tweet up to $5,000. So keep those photos coming!

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Sunny, TODAY's Puppy with a Purpose, passed a big milestone!