I found the best litter box and I'm never going back

Hi, I love my cat.

I also hate cat litter.

Someone, please help me.

Now, that's a haiku every cat owner can relate to.

Thankfully, I solved this problem with the best litter box ever.

I adopted my cat, Ollie, in December. When he's not running around my apartment like a maniac, he's an adorable, cuddly ball of fur.

Best cat litter box

Isn't he cute?

Aline Peres Martins

But there's one thing about him that drives me crazy: My kitten throws litter everywhere. In an attempt to cover his eliminations, Ollie likes to spray litter into every corner of the bathroom (where I keep the litter box).

On Facebook groups I consulted, experienced cat people call this "tracking." I call it my worst nightmare.

In a small apartment, this became so problematic that I bought aBlack and Decker hand vacuum and used it every day. Sometimes, I vacuumed twice a day.

That's no way to live.

After a few months, I almost considered giving my kitten away. OK, maybe not, but I decided to look for a solution. And, I found it: the Iris top-entry cat litter box.

Iris Top-Entry Cat Litter Box, $30-$34, Amazon

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The Iris litter box isn't the most popular litter box on Amazon. But, I did find it on the best-seller list and the reviews were overwhelmingly positive.

With low expectations, I reasoned: If $35 could save me from having to vacuum urine-soaked pellets from my bathroom floor even for just one day, it would be worth it.

best cat litter box iris top entry litter box

This life-saving gadget looks sleek enough to sit out in a living room.


Well, Ollie has been using the Iris for months, and he has never tracked out as much litter as he used to with the old litter box. Outside of my regular cleaning schedule, I never have to "emergency vacuum" the anymore.

Plus, my kitten loves to hang out on top of the thing while he watches me brush my teeth in the morning.

best cat litter box iris

Ollie the kitten sits on his new litter box ... note the lack of litter on the floor.

Aline Peres Martins

The high walls of the litter box keep most of the litter from spraying out as Ollie performs his usual acrobatics. Because he has to enter from the top and walk across some grooves to get off, any litter that would usually get caught in his paws falls off before he makes it to the ground.

While my litter box is a cute pink color, it also comes in black, gray and orange.

It also comes in a cheaper (but not as nice-looking) version, which I've used in a pinch. It works pretty well too!

Basic Iris Top-Entry Litter Box, $18, Amazon

The peace of mind this thing gives me is priceless.

Goodbye, Black and Decker.